Every seller would like to get top dollar for their home and have it sell the first day it is on the market. You as the seller must jump into action and do a little sprucing up. Make your home have that "wow" factor in order for the buyers to run to the real estate office and write an offer.  Most importantly finding the right real estate agent that will give you a gentle reminder about these tips, take great pictures of your home (for online viewing) and have a few ‘open houses’ on the weekend to attract buyers.  You guessed it, that is us at “First Choice Realty”.  Below you will find some tips that will help your home show like a model:

1. The First Impression. Curb appeal is what brings buyers to see the inside of your home. Make sure the shrubs are manicured, the grass is cut and any debris removed.  Ensure there are no signs of chipped paint on the house, windows, or doors, and if there is sand and paint.  Clean the gutters, power wash (include front and back porches), and window wash. Any oil spills use ‘cat litter’ to soak it up and then sweep.  The outside of your home must shout “Welcome to Your New Home" !

2. Bad Odors. Once a buyer enters the home, they will first notice any unusual odors. If the carpets have an odor then hire a carpet cleaning company to clean them or replace them if beyond cleaning. Wash walls and floors to give them a fresh smell and look,as well. Remove all shoes by the door and clean the coat closet. Freshen up any mildew or musky smells. Nothing turns off a buyer more than a smelly house.

3. Cleanliness. Now that the buyer is inside, they want to see a house that is dust free and sparkling clean.  You have 20 seconds from when the buyer opens the door for their first impression on the inside.  Remove cob webs on the ceilings and corners and get rid of the dust bunnies on the floor.  Ensure all light fixtures are clean and the lights are on in every room. Do not leave dishes or clothes around the house.

4. Kitchen and Bathrooms - are deal breakers.  Ensure they are in pristine condition, clean and clutter free. 

The kitchen: Ensure the counter tops and refrigerators are clean and decluttered.  Remove the small appliances and knick knacks off of the counter tops. Remove the personals off of the refrigerator.  You need to create an environment that allows the buyer to visualize their pictures on that refrigerator door or wall.  Polish the outside of the cabinets and organize the inside too.  Buyers will look inside your cabinets and all closets to see the space.

The bathroom:  Clean the floors, walls, lights, mirrors, sinks and tub/shower.  If there is dirty grout, take a trip to the hardware store and purchase some white caulk and re-caulk. No buyer wants to see dirty grout.  Hang nice new towels neatly on the racks. Remove the personal items such as; tooth brushes, tooth paste, hair brushes, etc.

5. De-clutter.   Here is that word again. Clear the end and coffee tables and do not forget the night stands. Ensure blinds and curtains are clean and opened during the day.  De-clutter and organize all rooms and closets.

Get rid of red-flags!!! They will kill a sale as fast as bad odors:

This list is just a few things that will help your showing go well and perhaps assist in getting an offer on your home.

Remember, wanting top dollar for your house is not the same as overpricing your home. When buyers do not show up in the first week this usually means the price is too high. The buyers today are tech savvy. They have seen many houses, whether in real life or on-line. The buyers of today have an idea of the market price.  The first week is crucial for the price, so do not try to "play in the street" when it comes to pricing, or you might just get run over.


Patti Stinnett

Patti Stinnett
First Choice Realty, Inc.